objectives, for which the Institute is established, are as under:
    • To undertake scientific studies, research and development projects in the realm of national and cultural development of the people at regional, national and international levels.
    • To undertake comprehensive research, scientific exploration and analysis of basic natural and applied sciences for expansion of knowledge in the field of agrarian and industrial development of the country in general and Rajasthan in particular; to bring to surface the main forces that are obstructing the socio-economic progress and to investigate and suggest positive policies and programmes.
    • To organize studies and research in the practical problems of the peasants, workers, women, children and underprivileged and depressed sections of society, in particular, and people in general, to attempt at suggesting solutions to give benefit of research, and to organize studies to analyze and evaluate government policies and programmes.
    • To discuss and develop methods of beneficial utilization of natural resources.
    • To examine and analyze available data on various aspects of national life, social, economic and political, rural and urban.
    • To organize lectures, workshops, conferences, seminars and study-groups in pursuance of the above objectives.
    • To establish and run institutions, imparting education and training; and also to maintain a library for research and reference.
    • To write and publish papers, literature, books, booklets and periodicals in order to bring forward the results of the studies and research, conducted by the institute, and to highlight its activities and achievements.
Ongoing Projects
  • Study of Reasons for Decline in Enrollment at Primary Level in Government Schools in Rajasthan with support of ICSSR
  • Evaluation of Commercial Sexual Exploitation Project with support World Vision India
  • A Study on Safety of Women in Slum Areas of Jaipur City
  • Publication

    A Journal of the Shiv Charan Mathur Social Policy Research Institute. It is a part of the endeavour of the Institute to develop as a Centre of Excellence in the field o...