Policy research is a new area of scientific enquiry. Timely assessment of popular reactions on important public policies affecting the masses is essential. Such feedback helps policy makers to restructure or revise their policies and enables them to give a new direction, if needed. The Institute represents a significant departure from the traditional research methodology and approach. It provides a specialized activity in policy analysis attempting to explore more rational choices and innovative policy alternatives after closely and realistically examining the genesis and sources of policy problems and learning significant lessons from past experience. Shiv Charan Mathur Social Policy Research Institute set up in 1985 by Shri Shiv Charan Mathur, former Chief Minister of Rajasthan has been attempting to produce scientifically gathered social knowledge and first-hand information and data of field insight on policy issues. Our main objective is to sharpen the effectiveness and impact of public policies by uncovering bottlenecks and anomalies that hamper the flow of benefits to the people, so that their maximum understanding, cooperation and active participation is promoted in the realization of the policy purposes.
    Registrations, Recognitions & Affiliations:

    • Rajasthan Societies Registration Act., 1958, Regn. No. 329/85-86
    • Foreign Contributions Regulations Act., 1976 Regn. No. 125560056
    • Exemption under section 80-G of the Income Tax Act., 1961


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Ongoing Projects
  • Study of Reasons for Decline in Enrollment at Primary Level in Government Schools in Rajasthan with support of ICSSR
  • Evaluation of Commercial Sexual Exploitation Project with support World Vision India
  • A Study on Safety of Women in Slum Areas of Jaipur City
  • Publication

    A Journal of the Shiv Charan Mathur Social Policy Research Institute. It is a part of the endeavour of the Institute to develop as a Centre of Excellence in the field o...